Southern Wisconsin Building Trades

​Planned Parenthood Advocates of Wisconsin

Iron Workers Local No. 8

​Tavern League of Wisconsin​

​​Former State Senator Tim Cullen

Senator Janis Ringhand

Wisconsin Education Association Council

Wisconsin Farm Bureau Federation 

Wisconsin League of Conservation Voters

​Professional Firefighters of Wisconsin

Sierra Club

​Clean Wisconsin Action Fund

Madison Teachers Incorporated

Former Rock County Clerk of Courts Eldred Mielke 

Former Democratic Assemblywoman Jan Mielke

Whitewater City Council President Patrick Singer

Dane County Sheriff Dave Mahoney 

Former Milton School Board President Jon Cruzan

Former Milton School Board Member Betsy Lubke

Former Milton School Board Member Bob Cullen

Former Milton School Board Member Shelly Crull-Hanke

Former Milton School Board Member Rob Roy

Former Milton School Board Member Wilson Leong

Milton School Board President Tom Westrick 

Former Milton City Council President Maxine Striegl

Former Milton City Council Member Dave Adams

Milton City Council Member Lynda Clark 

Former Milton School Superintendent Peg Ekedahl 

Former Milton School Superintendent Bernie Nikolay

Two former Milton Mayors

Edgerton Police Chief Tom Klubertanz

Edgerton Mayor Chris Lund

Former Milton Chief of Police Dan Layber

Former Milton City Administrator Jerry Schuetz

Former Milton City Clerk Michelle Ebbert 

Former Milton High School Principal Randy Refsland 

Janesville School Board President Kevin Murray

Former Milton School Superintendent Jon Platts

Edgerton School Board Member Kathy Klein

Rock County District Attorney David O’Leary

Milton High School Principal Jeremy Bilhorn

Edgerton Alderwoman Candy Davis 




One of Wisconsin’s most valuable assets is our public schools.  Increasing government funding and financial aid is essential for all levels of Wisconsin public education.  Continuing to divert resources away from public schools to expand private school vouchers is hurting our public schools.  Revenue caps on school districts have taken away local control from our elected officials.  Fair compensation for teachers and support staff is a must to continue attracting great teachers to our schools.


For a strong Wisconsin we need an economic policy that pays a fair wage for a hard day's work.  Family sustaining jobs must be made a priority in order to support and grow our middle class.  We need to encourage small business creation and continue supporting the ones we already have.  It is time to stop supporting companies who use Wisconsin dollars to ship jobs overseas.


All workers have a right to living wages, good benefits and safe, clean workplaces.  The ability of a worker to join a union and bargain collectively is imperative if we want Wisconsin to have a robust middle class.  We need to ensure that pensions and other retirement accounts are managed responsibly so people can feel secure in their retirement.   


​We need to continuing supporting agriculture programs in our local schools and increase funding for UW-system ag research.  Finding new uses for farm commodities and developing alternative crops will preserve Wisconsin’s agricultural legacy and ensure agriculture will continue to play a major role in our economy moving forward.