I’m running to be a champion of public education. When I started as a teacher many years ago, teachers were respected and valued by our legislature.  We have sadly entered a period where the Republican majority and governor are actively working to devalue public education, and their drastic cuts to education will have long-lasting effects on our students, on our economy, and on our society as a whole.  I’m running for the high school students I taught who are now starting their own families and are worried about the future of education for their children.

     I’m running to continue the fight for public workers, who deserve the right to collectively bargain.

     I’m running to be a strong advocate for good government.  I want to take a page out of former Senator Tim Cullen’s handbook and continue a steady drum beat in favor of nonpartisan redistricting reform.

     I’m running to be a strong voice for those who the current majority has continually diminished and disrespected.  I want to fight for the rights, respect, and equal pay for women. I want to make sure that minorities have equal opportunities to vote.

     I’m running because we have a current majority that takes advantage of Wisconsin’s environmental heritage. We need to protect our invaluable natural resources.

     As a former city councilman and a sitting school board member, I’m running to restore local control, which has been under constant attack by legislative Republicans.  Local governments are in the best position to understand the unique needs of their communities and residents.

     There’s a lot to accomplish, and I’m energized and ready to get to work to represent the best interests of the people of the 43rd Assembly District.

     Thanks for your support,


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